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Most of us would agree that finding the right colour to wear can be as daunting. The options are endless with colour and pinning down exactly what works for you can be a gambling game. This is exhausting and is probably the main reason most of us just stick to black.

Let’s face it though, black 365 days a year is boring. Although most of us could spend our lives wearing it, in a world filled with endless colour, we’re only living half a life if we don’t learn how to wear colour well.

 In the style world, we use colour not only to define your style but to enhance your skin tone. This is why we put so much emphasis on wearing the right colour which is suited for your colour palette – this is the spectrum of tones that are uniquely yours. While it’s easy to wear black – colour is just so beautiful.

Okay, so lets get down to the technical. The colours that will work for you, largely depend on your underlying skin tone, hair and eye colour. Your skin may have warm or cooler tones, and whatever is dominant takes preference. The colours in your palette need to enhance your skin tone, so that it doesn’t compete with your complexion. We also suggest you wear them close to your face, to bring your features to life.  

Understanding which colours work for you is an important part of creating a style, that compliments every aspect of who you are. We’d love to simplify that process for you, because in truth, it’s much easier than you think. Once you know how to do it, you will never want to go back.


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