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Framing your face

Remember the days of being called ‘Four eyes, Nerd alert, looser’ those days are officially gone!

Glasses have become such a fashionable statement piece as there are so many different styles, shapes and colours of frames. It is just another way to show your individuality and personality regardless of needing them for your sight- there’s no limitation to accessorizing these days.

Now imagine having the worst haircut ever and having to walk around with that on your head. Choosing the wrong frames has the same outcome. We all have a face shape and it is crucial to choose the right frames for your face.


If you have an angled face shape  e.g. a diamond ,rectangle, square or heart face shape you need to go for a curvier frame. Examples below

If you have a round or curvy face shape e.g. a round, pear or oval- you need to be looking at more square or angular shaped glasses like the images below.

Glasses are the easiest way to bring colour close to your face and into your outfit. The days of being safe and boring are over. Be brave and be bold, create a trademark style and elevate your image through your frames.  

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